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About Us

Marjan's passion for medical laser began in 2008. Years of listening to clients and developing skills working with the most advanced technologies inspired her to start her own practice. Marjan saw the positive impact that medical laser could have on people's lives by building confidence and self-esteem. She had a vision of building a business that would help people by changing the way that they look and feel about themselves. Marjan understands the importance of listening to her client's goals and concerns, and has the experience to design a treatment plan specific to their needs. Her extensive knowledge of available procedures allows her to carefully select the most safe and effective treatments with minimal downtime and discomfort. Her passion is reflected in the exception quality of her work and honest assessment of possibilities and goals.

Marjan has been working as a professional certified Medical Laser Cosmetic practitioner since 2008. Her vast experience and knowledge in Medical Laser Cosmetic allow her to provide her clients, safe and effective treatments with least discomfort and downtime throughout the procedures.

Marjan has accomplished her skills in Laser Academy education and obtained several degrees and certificates:

Medical Laser Dynamics, LLC

Laser and Light Technologies Association degree

ICME Credit with the Texas A&M University

LCA Laser & CosMedic Academy

  • Laser Cosmetic Hair Removal Education Certificate

  • Laser Fractional Skin Resurfacing Certificate

  • IPL (Intensive Pulse Light) and Skin Tightening Certificate

Clarion Co.

  • Advanced BBL (Broad band Light) Certificate


  • Body Contouring & Tightening Certificate

Body Beautiful Canada Ltd.

  • Eurowave Machine (Electro Stimulate Muscles) Certificate

  • Universal Contour Wrap Certificate

Vancouver Community College

  • Business Certificate

Allameh Tabatabai University

Economics Bachelor's Degree (B.A.)

Certified Medical Laser Practitioner

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